5 Resolutions That Could Actually Change Your Life … #4: Flip the Script

“For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.” 1 Timothy 4:4

Do you ever dread all the things you have to do in a day? I used to. I’d hear myself thinking—and sometimes even saying out loud—I have to make my kids lunch. I have to get my kids dressed. I have to drop my kids off. Then I have to go to work. And wait, I have to put dinner in the crockpot first. I have to make sure my husband’s uniform is clean for work later tonight. And on and on.

Some days I’ve felt like screaming: I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!

And then my daughter got a diagnosis that numbered the days that I had to do anything for her.  Her diagnosis has required multiple hospital stays in a hospital across the country from my home, separated from my husband and our other daughter.

Suddenly all those things I HAD to do in my regular life started feeling like “get tos” instead. I get to bathe a 5-year-old and 3-year-old together at home for another night. I get to make two school lunches this morning…instead of the someday prognosis of only one. I get to prepare dinner and enjoy it around our kitchen table with each of our family of four complaining about how they don’t like it. I get to enjoy meetings at work…and have insurance that provides financial help for my daughter’s medical care. I get to pick up a messy house full of legos, baby dolls, and bicycles that were supposed to stay outside because I’m at home with my kids who have “messed it all up.”

Let’s resolve to set our hearts and minds on getting to this year. The daily tasks that feel like a busy burden in your week are also the true evidence of the good gifts that God is still giving to you. Why don’t you flip your script with me this year.

Try something like:

I have to wash 8 loads of laundry tomorrow. = I get to wash 8 loads of laundry tomorrow because I have a family to clothe; we have clothes to wear.

I have to take my kids to soccer practice and then rush the other to ballet. =I get to have car time with my family as we head to activities that mean my children are healthy, active, and with me.

Comment below with what your “have to” script sounds like flipped to “get to.”

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14 thoughts on “5 Resolutions That Could Actually Change Your Life … #4: Flip the Script”

  1. I have a house to clean; I have food to cook; I can afford to buy clothes to clean.
    It is so true that events that alter everyday life gives you a fresh perspective on your “problems”. But then that reminder fades over time, if you are blessed enough to go back to “everyday life”. I try to think back and remind myself of that so I can stop playing the cassette tape of complaints on rewind in my mind!

  2. This is a beautiful sentiment. It’s so important to keep things in perspective and be grateful. I get to cook for my children, keep our house clean and welcoming, work to earn money for my family. It’s a gift to “get to”!!!

  3. I get to be at home with a thriving teen and mold his precious life and heart because I “can” or “get to” homeschool him and protect his precious heart from what the world would like to “impart” to him. I get to care for the blessing of a home that God Himself has given us and I get to care for my precious little grandson and minister love to my older children while they go to face the world every day. What a joy it is for those who’ve placed their trust in the Lord and “get to” live out their salvation every day to a scared and crying world who desperately needs the Jesus we “get to” enjoy every moment of every day…bring hope!! And I get to have a strong and faithful husband who desires that i do not work (i can wait till they are all on their own) and therefore i also get to work in ministry at church and help build the body of Christ as well. What a great life we lead when we take heavens perspective of what we daily “get to” do..like still breathe and still breathe life into others as we get another day here on earth.

    1. I am at a very similar stage- last teen son homeschooling and grands to help with. Thanks so very much for your wise perspective and for sharing it with us! May the Lord multiply your Kingdom work as you pour your life into others!

  4. I get to get up at 4:00 to catch the first train in because I have a job that helps provide for our family! Our family is grown, but I remember those days of getting lunches made and children where they had to be. Thank you for this reminder to be grateful.

  5. Zacqueline Davis

    Amen !!!We are so blessed and yet ungrateful at times because we simply forget and take everything for granted. So blessed to have Home’s families children jobs food safety shelter comfort and time. I love you Lord. Please forgive me for not continually remembering how good and precious it is that I get to know you as my Father Savior and Lord and be with you now each moment every day and forever. Thank You. In Jesus name amen

  6. I have to hold _____ (my nine month old son) all throughout the day.= I get to hold my living, healthy baby all day because I am home to hold him, he needs me, and one day he will (Lord willing) be grown and gone.

  7. Such a simple and beautiful shift in our thoughts and words that can completely change our hearts from grumbling to grateful. Thanks for the reminder to treasure our children each day.

  8. Poignant post – thank you Tracy. Relevant for me this week in particular are:

    I have to go to a school meeting/event=I get to participate with my kids in their education and show them how much I care for the few short years they are in elementary school. It doesn’t last that long for me, but it’s a lifetime of memories for them!

    I have to teach classes=I get to share my love of both Jesus and music with young lives each week.

    Now if I can just come up with a positive flip-side to incessant cold, rain and clouds!

  9. I totally get it! One of my kids is with Jesus now really puts things in perspective! Sometimes I wish we could live things backwards learn how blessed we are in advance! It can make the mundane a miraculous blessing! Live and learn thank you, Lord for my many blessings may I seek to find the precious in the ordinary! Amen!

  10. I get to work from home for this low income job and watch my children grow up and have dinner waiting for my husband and children when they get home instead of them coming home and no one here because I’m out at work or stuck in traffic on bad weather days. Thank you for allowing me to see my life through Gods eyes and realizing how blessed I really am.

  11. This is so true. We tend to Emphasize on the negative rather than the positives and we need to start to Flip the script n always be grateful for all that we have. We been to reflect more positively and think in a healthy way. I will start to implement this.

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