Finding Laura’s Wedding Dress and the Kiss of God

God loves weddings.

The Bible begins with a marriage and ends with a wedding. Jesus’s first miracle was displayed at a wedding. Marriage was His idea, after all.

As you know, we are planning a wedding of our own right now with our youngest daughter Laura getting married in October. It’s truly amazing to see over and over again, how God continues to make Himself known in the tiniest details for her big day. In anticipation of the wedding of the Lamb one day in Heaven I think God shows up during all the planning and at wedding ceremony to say, “I’m into marriage. I love weddings. Watch me bless what I’ve created!”

A big surprise from God was the day three weeks ago that we found Laura’s dress.


Laura and I had decided to go on a quick lunch break together to run a few errands. Impulsively, it seemed to me, Laura suggested running into Proposals, a local bridal store, to check out the sale.

Always with budget in mind Laura asked if the half off sale was still on. The reply was yes, and Laura said her sisters were coming in a few days and we’d be back!

Rebecca and Ashley arrived by plane and by car on the appointed day for all things bridal! We explained that Laura had found a big sale at a store that we hadn’t originally planned to visit. Of course the sisters were up for a great sale so we headed to Proposals Bridal Boutique. Once there, we all sifted through the gowns, pulled a few that Laura said she liked, and then the trying on began.

The first two or three weren’t great: too fluffy, too tight (Laura wants to be comfortable for dancing the night away), or too something that just wasn’t her. Then she said, “What about this one?” to a dress not covered in sparkles, not bulging with yards of fabric and tulle, but was everything she knew she was looking for.  We all agreed it was a maybe. On the hanger it was beautiful but not exceptional.

But as she put it on and turned around we all said, “Wow!” The dress was magical! It fit like it was made just for her and she looked breathtakingly gorgeous. When she caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror, she was flooded with butterflies and school girl giggles! It was indeed the one.

We celebrated and took lots of photos. Rebecca brought her veil and it was the perfect match to this elegant gown.


As we checked out, we marveled at God’s provision of a dress at half price, plus an additional 20 percent off. The total was less than what her sisters’ dresses cost 10 and 15 years ago!

What a joy to watch as God provided abundantly so we could stay in our minimal budget. He providentially ordered Laura’s steps the week before to spot the sale. He brought two of her sisters here safely who tried on bridesmaid’s dresses, too, and together we made a memory to last a lifetime!

And even more, Laura will walk down the aisle in a tangible piece of God’s faithful and loving goodness to His beloved daughter. We all agreed the dress is a kiss from God to her.

We hope you will enjoy this journey with us, and I promise to post photos of the bride in her dress the week after the wedding. We think you will love the dress too.


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5 thoughts on “Finding Laura’s Wedding Dress and the Kiss of God”

  1. Congratulations from St. Augustine, Florida! I love that you are sharing parts of Laura’s story with all of us! (& btw: this ALL could easily be on TLC). She is so beautiful too! Sharing God’s faithfulness is so encouraging to me. So thank you for sharing! & I love these photos. Reminds me of when I found my dress. We snapped a similar photo outside the Winter Park boutique where I found my dress on the clearance rack, too! I actually had forgot all about that memory until now. It was a special day for mom, grandma and me to share! Praying for your precious family now & may God Bless your upcoming marriage! & If you ever need a back up preacher, I know a good one… ;0

  2. Love following Laura’s wedding journey! Never met any of you, but any story regarding God’s goodness and Godly young women is a great blessing! Our own daughter had s similar “outstanding buy” wedding dress 7 years ago and we were blessed, too. Blessings as you continue this exciting wedding preparation season.

  3. Looking forward to taking the journey with you and your family in preparation for Laura’s wedding day. I’m sure it will be a very lovely wedding and marriage union.

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