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Spring 2019 - Joyful Living Magazine

Fall 2014 - Where Women Create

We are very excited to share with you that Barbara Rainey has been featured in the magazine Where Women Create. What an honor to be chosen as one of the top creative women in the country for her work with Ever Thine Home™ products!




1 thought on “Featured In”

  1. Elizabeth Heslep

    I discovered a lovely product accidently recently. Sadly it’s featured in pinterest but no longer available.
    Looks like it was in production back in 2013 and very populate. The IAM Behold the Lamb Wreath.
    Just for the record, and I believe I’m speaking for many others, please give serious consideration to reintroducing this lovely and God glorifying work of art with the powerful message of the Gospel ASAP!!!

    I’m thinking of getting rid of my traditional Christmas tree and switching to some of your

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