A Family of Love: Spoonful of Sugar

keep on loving each other...

One of the three Greek words in the Bible for love is phileo. We get the name Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, from this term. This quality of love is what God desires from us, His children, for one another because we are a family. If we know Jesus as Lord and Savior we are members of God’s family.

The early church viewed its members as an extended family because Jesus used family terms: brother, our Father in heaven, and friend to describe our relationships with Him.

-Since we are part of one large family with God as our Father, how does this verse say we should relate to one another?

 -How do parents feel when children fight and choose to hurt each other verbally or physically?

-How do you think God feels when we do the same?

-Decide on a way to demonstrate brotherly love to someone outside of your family this week. For some ideas click here.

We know you’re busy! Life moves fast. But we also know you won’t get these days back. So we’re making it easy for you to make the time you have worth it with Bible study in your home.

What’s your weekly schedule for Bible truth and family reflection? What stories should you read this month?

Every Saturday we’ll send you a sweet bite of biblical truth to nibble on all week long. Twice in the Bible God tells His chosen ones to eat the pages of a scroll on which was written His eternal words of truth. Both times, these godly men experienced a sweet taste in their mouths. God’s Word isn’t just good for us like medicine, which often tastes bitter. It’s good for us like a tasty treat because the results of following God are pleasant and satisfying.

This is a quick and easy way for you and your family to focus on the truth throughout the week. The best part is we will send it to you. You don’t have to go rummaging through Pinterest or digging through a stack of old books. We’ve got the curriculum brewing, and we’ll get it to you every Saturday, in time to be ready for the week ahead.

So follow along with us and enjoy the delectable, bite-sized morsels of God’s Word each week in your home.


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    1. Elaine, Sorry about the email mix up. Thanks for mentioning that. I’m glad that you’re receiving and enjoying these weekly tidbits of Bible truth. Right now this is the only type of weekly scripture we are sending out. If you subscribe to the blog, though, you’ll receive each post that we publish, including Spoonful of Sugar, Wednesday Ever His prayers, and other posts related to using your home as the anchor for you and your family’s faith.

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