Eve and Me

She shall be called woman.
The pinnacle of Your creation
made to complete Adam,
the two shall be one
together a mirror of Three in One.

Their fateful decision,
her choice,
his silence,
unleashed torrents of sorrow
endlessly multiplied pains.

Eve’s motherhood,
fount of every life on earth.
Women ever since
condemned to suffer pain to create new life.
Our lot a lot like Yours, Jesus, Creator of new birth.

Eve lived in hope of Your promise.
She knew her part crucial
in bringing the Redeemer.
Have babies, raise image bearer disciples,
who would fill the earth, help Thy kingdom come
on earth as it is in heaven.

Eve’s life a foreshadowing of mine,
her perseverance
despite the immensity of her losses
an encouragement for me to keep going by faith
believing the gospel will also continue through me
and my children until He returns.

You see my mother’s heart, Lord, like hers,
the thousands of deaths
I died daily over years,
still die in prayer for them.
This greatly multiplied pain never a one and done.

May I too live in hope of Your promised Messiah,
soon to return for me,
as l die to self,
nourish, grow, teach, train, launch those You have given
my mama heartbroken with their every injury
rejoicing with their every step of faith.

Death came by Eve,
But life came by Jesus, the promise to Eve fulfilled.
May my children pass the baton of promise
to theirs until You come again.

And may I, like You,
offer my life daily for my children.
That You may be pleased,

Eve has been vilified through the centuries; her decision has brought pain to billions. But it was not she alone. Her Adam said nothing, made no move to protect her from Satan and his sly twist of truth. The man’s bite as damning as hers.

After hearing God’s pronouncements, they were ushered out of the Garden in shame; rightly painted by Renaissance masters with slumped shoulders, dragging feet, heavy hearts. Despair overwhelming.

But the promise. They must have reminded one another of the promises. It was their only hope. And so she clung to that promise as she remembered her experience of knowing God personally, walking with Him in the Garden. She knew His word was true.

Never did she imagine the wait would be thousands of years before her offspring would bruise Satan’s head; that there would be millions of women like you and me who would continue her legacy of raising godly children to adulthood who will then serve the King.

On Mother’s Day this year I want to honor and praise all you of moms who are following the faithful example of the mother of us all, Eve. May you rest in the reward God will give one day even if you aren’t honored as you hope in this life.

He sees.
He writes and remembers.
Trust Him.
It is for eternity and His praise that you labor.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Eve and Me”

  1. Your article on resting on the Sabbath is needed, but Sabbath means Saturday, was the word Sabbath changed to mean Sunday after the resurrection?

    1. Barbara Rainey

      Dear Kathy,
      Thanks for your comment on Sabbath and yes for the Jewish people Sabbat or Sabbath has always been on Saturday with Sunday as the first day of the new week. But Jesus rose again on a Sunday which is the day Christians have celebrated His resurrection ever since. So historically believers have marked Sunday as their Sabbath day, their day of rest, to honor God.
      What matters most to God is our hearts and our honoring Him regularly whether it is Saturday or Sunday.
      Hope this helps.

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