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As an artist I especially enjoy thoughts of Jesus, who created the universe, who holds all things together, as the Divine Artist. The maker of snowflakes! The intricate delicacy of each tiny crystalline form speaks of brilliant design.

The Trinity of Beauty cannot create anything that is not spilling over with wonder.  Even in our broken, imperfect state we who were made in His image still have the capacity to reflect some of His perfect, breath-stealing artistry.

What if I could take a weeklong workshop with one of the greats like Michelangelo or Rembrandt?  Would I gladly hand one of these masters my brush for his touch of genius on my canvas? Without question.

The Eternal Artist, my personal Creator, longs to add strokes of beauty to my life.   He tells me plainly this is His intention: “he will transform the body of our humble state into conformity with the body of His glory.” (Phil. 3:21)

In his book, The Evidential Power of Beauty, Thomas Dubay wrote, “Divine beauty is so endless, so unspeakable, that Scripture has a special word for it, glory.” Too often I have wanted to paint life my way, but more and more I’m asking Him to complete what He began in me, which is glorious and more than breath-taking.

As we begin a new year it is a perfect time to pray these words to the One who knows how to perfectly create beauty in you. Will you say with me today, “Have Thy Own Way, Lord”?


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