Children of God: Spoonful of Sugar


We believe in our parents: that they will provide for us. We believe in our friends: that they will by loyal to us. But we don’t believe simply in them because of their name. Do we?

But the book of John, written by John the disciple, repeats a crucial idea about Jesus: “believe in His name.” Something about Jesus’ makes His name special. What do you think it is?

It’s His

-perfectly lived life

-power over death in the Resurrection

-standing in heaven at the right hand of God the Father.

You and I can’t say, “In the name of my dad I can become a child of God.” Your father doesn’t have that power, but Jesus does.

-What privileges do you enjoy as your earthly father’s child?

-What does it mean to become a child of God?

-Are you His child? How do you know?

-What privileges do you enjoy as a child of the King of Heaven?

Keep a running list this week on a chalkboard or poster board of every gift that is yours as His child. And keep adding to it every day. Let everyone contribute and enjoy the reminder of His great love for us.


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