Busy Can Be Good!

An article I just read encouraged me greatly.  Kevin DeYoung has written a new book, Crazy Busy, and he says, “Sometimes feeling overwhelmed is part of what it means to be a Christian.  You can’t bear somebody else’s burden unless you are taking something of their load and it’s weighing you down a little bit.” But he says, “it’s the lack of rhythm that is unhealthy.”

Nice to hear, right?

He also says, and I totally agree with this, “I need to say no to a whole bunch of other things because if I don’t say no I can’t say yes to others.”

Heading into the holiday season makes this message great medicine for most women.  Our children will NOT suffer if we don’t create the perfect Christmas memories or find the perfect gifts for them.  We do NOT have to make hand made gifts for all our friends and our kids’ teachers.  We do NOT have to send cards at all if doing so is stressful and makes you snap at your kids or husband.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are about acknowledging and worshipping God for all He has given in the past year, all He gives every day and the greatest gift of all, His Son Jesus.  All else is or should be secondary.

“We are supposed to disciple the nations.  We are supposed to work with our hands.  We are supposed to love God with our minds.  We are supposed to have babies and take care of them.  It is not a sin to be busy,” adds Kevin.

If your busyness and mine is a result of doing God’s work, with rhythm and humility, it is good. And it can alter our Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations yielding that longed for peace we hope for every year.

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