The Beauty in an Autumn Face


In the months ahead, we will don our aprons, warm our ovens, mix our casseroles and pies, and gather around the table. The newly-crisp mornings whisper that our family-filled houses are almost here. It’s time to plan which grand will fit best in bed with which cousin, all the while knowing the older ones will end up in a pile of pallets on the living room floor and the youngest will tiptoe into our bed in the wee morning hours to nestle between Mimi and Papa.

Soon enough, we will have guests coming to celebrate the seasons with us. And I bet you will too. Let us at Ever Thine Home help you welcome well while making the time together about more than simply the gathering.

To get started, adorn your front door with the Leave Him Thanks wreath and pour a cup of cider to warmly welcome your visitors traipsing in through the vibrant leaves of fall.

But mostly, as we approach this holiday season, may we remember that it’s not about the carefully planned meals or the calendar dotted with activities. Make it about the people you love getting to better know the One Person who matters most.


To purchase the Leave Him Thanks wreath, click here.

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty in an Autumn Face”

  1. This wreath looks lovely and what a better way to express our thanks to the Lord our God. I will be purchasing this wreath for my sister and her family who are hosting Thanksgiving for our family this year. She will love it! Thank you for the great gift ideas and at reasonable prices. God bless you and your family for Thanksgiving and all the year through. I will be ordering more items for Christmas : )I listen to ‘Family Life Today’ on KSIV 91.5FM Bott Radio Network.

    1. So sweet, Jean! Thank you for your kind words about our things. I hope and pray that your sister will enjoy the wreath and that it will be a sweet reminder of you when she sees it! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Christmas things when you get them!

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