A Few of My Favorite Things

Brightly colored leaves and football weather are coming! Our Fall Collection is here and we’d love to invite you to get your home ready to welcome the charm of the season that feels like coming home.

The months ahead bring sweaters, stews, and long lost siblings. Fall is a time to gather your loved ones and make routine moments matter. Autumn turns crisp mornings into snuggle sessions and we want to help you have your home ready. Here’s a quick look of some of my favorite things from our Fall Collection.

  1. Give Thanks Banner Practicing gratitude is a year-round art. Cultivate this character trait in your family members by placing this daily reminder in your home. We love it hanging over the mantle or tucked in the entryway. It’s even versatile enough for a front door.

  2. Leave Him Thanks Wreath Sure you’ll put pumpkins and mums around the porch steps, but a wreath doesn’t always have to go on your front door. Try adding it to your dining room chandelier, a window or entryway for an all year reminder to give Him thanks. The leaves are imprinted with hymn lyrics, adding an eternal touch to the changing of the seasons.
  3. Gather Placemats When you’re inviting others over to watch the game, for neighborhood fun, or holiday cheer you’ll want these on your table. Neutral cream with gold writing make these beautiful and versatile for any occasion.
  4. In This Home Chalkboard One of our best-selling items as we all have a lot to be thankful for. You can personalize this chalkboard, writing in whatever you’re giving thanks for in your home. Set it out for special dinners, take pictures with it for milestone moments, and keep it up in your kitchen for everyday gratitude.
  5. Untie Your Story When you’re all getting back together for holiday and seasonal gatherings, sometimes conversations lull. Other times conversations turn to the weather or politics. These napkin ties can help you initiate authentic conversation that really matters. Set them out around the dinner table for each person to read and answer his question during mealtime.

Okay, you’re ready! Grab a bite of pumpkin-flavored something and get your house set for autumn.





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