A Million What Ifs


A million what-ifs plague us. Some imaginary, some inconsequential, but others with the power of life and death.

Anxiety and its cousins, worry, misgiving, angst, and even fear, are never far from us.

An old hymn says, “For I know, whate’er befall me, Jesus doeth all things well.” Singing these words of praise help to right my anxious heart and refocus on Him who always gives what is best to me, His child. Confidence in God as our loving, always-working-for-good Father helps me “calmly wait Thy will.”

If you don’t know this hymn, may your heart sing another today to keep anxiety and worry far away.

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3 thoughts on “A Million What Ifs”

  1. Thank you for writing this. Powerful, yet your words can be applied with the why and how about love. This is truely God inspired!

  2. It is a very sad time we live in most do not understand how the real world works.
    There are so many that prey on the weak and the helpless for no reason except to take away their happiness.
    I was an officer in the Army and a 22 year veteran police officer I have caused death and seen it I have seen families destroyed by the darkness that holds sway of the things of this earth. So many men and women married twenty years or more just give up and seek happiness in a second or even third marriage.
    To think that your life will be better by running is a philosophy I do not recommend. That is why God tells us to live in this earth but not of it vanity greed and self gratification are not the paths to a quality life don’t let anyone ever tell you that. We are, no matter race, religion, or origin, one people we are all we have believe me when I say that I have seen just about ever kind of evil. If we are to reach our Fathers house we must as my father says grab a root and hold on tight because Satan doesn’t care about those who don’t believe he already has them.
    Pray for all brothers and sisters and no matter what they have done to you forgive them no matter how much heart ache no matter how many tears love them so that one day they will come to forgive and love you.
    If I can do it through what my life has done and not done to others so can yours.

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