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Like me, you have probably already been cooking for next week’s feast, or maybe not because maybe you are buying most of it ready made?  Regardless your mind is planning ahead. We women do that and honestly, it’s worth giving thanks for that God given ability to anticipate and prepare in advance. So, say with me, “thank you Lord for creating us with the mental capacity to plan and juggle multiple things at once.”

It’s a tiny reflection of His unfathomable ability to do the same! We are made in His image and it is very good!

Back to next week, we wanted to send you three free activities to enhance your Thanksgiving Day experience!

First for kids, we had our designer create cute little pilgrim hats! Your kids can make them ahead or use this activity to give them, their siblings and cousins, something fun to do while the moms finish last minute cooking tasks, and dad carves the turkey.

Pilgrim Hat Download

Second, for your table, we created candle transfers. I made all four last year and am reusing them on my table this year even though they are partially burned. Purchase white or off-white candles super cheap at Walmart or Hobby Lobby and follow our instructions on this page.

Thanksgiving Candle Downloads

Our third freebie is my favorite because this is a tradition our family has practiced for over thirty years now; the writing of five things we are grateful for on Thanksgiving Day. I have a scrapbook filled with our pages of thanksgiving cards; a reminder of how good God has been and a written history of how our family has grown.

Thankful Hearts Download

Finally, our Give Thanks Banner is a perfect for hanging with our Chain Garland in your dining room, kitchen or anywhere where you might need a gentle reminder to stop and “Give Thanks.”

Free Give Thanks Banner

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