Gratitude Goes A Long Way!

Unsettled describes life since March of 2020. But sometimes unsettled feels too mild an adjective to describe the seismic changes the world has experienced. Our collective Covid suffering is a very unwelcome add-on to lives already checkered with more than enough hardships. 

This leaves us questioning, “Where is God?” and “What is He doing?” in the midst of this ongoing chaos.

This will be the backdrop again this year in our annual season of gratitude—the weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. And though feelings of gratefulness may not be bubbling over in our lives, still … more than ever, we need to practice gratitude.

In our newest eBook Why We Need Gratitude More Than Ever, Barbara looks at historical events and how having a grateful heart can change everything.

Inside the full ebook you will find: 

  • Why we should give thanks to God for His providence
  • Why we should give thanks in every detail
  • Why we should praise God for His deliverance
  • And last but certainly not least, how to give thanks by praising God

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