Easter Countdown Calendar

Dear Friends,

Do you ever get so excited about something that you hurry to get it done? And then you discover after it’s finished that you made a mistake? Painting, sewing, knitting, cooking, we’ve all done it.

This past weekend as Laura and her husband Josh, and hundreds of other young families were excitedly beginning our new Easter Advent Banner and Calendar, Laura and another mom noticed a mistake. Laura called me and my heart sank. I hate making mistakes, producing anything that isn’t correct as as close to perfect as possible.

The mistake is a small one right now and you might not have even noticed, but by this weekend you will.   

In an effort to keep this simple, here’s a short-ish explanation: The 40 days of Lent don’t include Sundays which I knew full well after creating Messiah Mystery four years ago. But this time when making our new Easter Advent flip calendar, I forgot.

I included readings for Sundays when they should have been skipped, counted to forty and mistakenly concluded I had it right. As a result the calendar will end 6 days too soon and the last week’s readings for Holy Week won’t line up with those days at all.

So you have two options.

One, just keep doing them as they are, but adjust to start each week on Sundays with the Sunday reading even if you have to skip or miss a day or two.

Two, we will have by this weekend the newly corrected and updated version on our website. You won’t be able to have the spiral flip top but the days will be correct and you will finish on time as intended. You can print, cut and add a ring to the corner to hold them together if you’d like. You can find the updated version to download HERE.

More than anything, we are so very excited that you purchased the banner & countdown calendar to become #EasterPeople with us! I hope too that you are enjoying the process of starting a new tradition with your family! We’d love to hear from you and see photos of your family using the banner.

And most of all we hope as you walk through the 40 days till Easter that you will grow to know more of who Jesus is and what His sacrifice means for us, our faith and our daily lives.

Grateful for each of you,


Click here to down the updated Easter Advent Calendar 



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