Three W’s of Prayer


Prayer is a such a mystery.  But these words from a 1916 prayer help me understand better what pleases God. First is waiting in prayer.  Um, not such an easy assignment for impatient me in this hyper fast world.  Whining comes much more natural for me.

Watching? Watchmen in times past stood on towers and ramparts scanning the horizon for hours and hours, straining their eyes to catch the first hint of anyone approaching whether for good or evil. I’m more likely to watch in prayer for a few minutes or days, not see an answer and in resignation effectively close my eyes. Have I ever woken to a new day and thought, “today may be the day of God’s answer,” my oft-repeated, years-long prayer?  Actually, sadly, no.  I’m more likely to waver, view no hopeful cloud on the horizon, and give up in discouragement. Faith requires expectancy: certainty of what lies beyond my eyes. This reminder was and is very good for me.

Working?  I’m a task oriented, worker bee, so at first glance I think, yeah, I got this one.  But what kind of work does faith require?  Orchestrating circumstances so “God can come through?” Not.  A fine line, often so thin I cannot see it, separates working with faith that is linked with God’s purposes and a faithless work that is linked to my control.  I do not understand the complex supernatural relationship between God and us humans. But He wants me to work in prayer and not worry.

So like a child I will ask for these three W’s of faith.  I am incapable of this kind of faith on my own.  Only the King of Kings can grant what He knows I need.  Will you, with me, ask for the kind of faith that waits, watches, and works?

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  1. Thank you for your suggestion of facing each day with the thought “Today may be the day of God’s answer!” to those prayers which I have prayed for years, and that seem so hopeless apart from HIM. There is always HOPE in HIM!

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