The Power of a Name

One of the most intriguing, exciting times in parenthood or grandparenting is the naming of a new baby. There’s so much that goes into a name, so much that it communicates and even determines! I love hearing the expression of my kids’ marriages and personalities and histories as they converge in the form of a name: Piper. Lily. Peterson. Samuel. And I love the personalities and histories of their own that grow from those names given, assigned, granted to a wriggly little bundle of relatively unknown character at the time.

There’s a lot of power in a name.

I think that must be part of the reason God allowed Adam to name the animals—to reflect on them, to call them out, and put a label to the nuances of their individual creation—and a reason God changed names in the Bible: from Abram to Abraham, Simon to Peter, Sarai to Sarah. A naming, a blessing, can often powerfully acknowledge what God has done, as well as casting a vision for the future. That’s part of my enthusiasm, I think, for the newest generation of Adorenaments. I can think of no better way to embellish Christmas trees this year than reflecting on the beauty of the names of Christ—and simultaneously, all He’s done for us, all He is. It reflects our heritage, our inheritance, the gift that is ours in the person of Jesus. And I’m inspired by how they will transform my tree, and I hope yours, with reflections of the One who is truly beautiful!

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