The Day After Easter

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I was thinking this morning about the day after Easter and how different is ours than the disciples. I read all four accounts of the days after the Resurrection and find words like amazed, wonder, great joy, and marveling to describe how they felt. And I wonder about us on the day after as we return to our normal routines.

Are we open to remaining stunned by this incomprehensible miracle? Or do we have too much to do and move on as if yesterday were simply another Sunday?

I suspect that many of us will have situations today or this week that give us a choice: believe that God can supply and do anything because of what He did yesterday or respond like many in all four gospels who refused to believe, would not believe, or thought it nonsense.

I want my life to be characterized by wonder that my God has conquered death and therefore my small problems and difficulties are nothing He cannot also conquer. I don’t want Easter to be just a dress-up special Sunday. Instead I want His victory over death to mark my life every day with wonder, great joy and a faith that marvels even as I wait imperfectly to join His Resurrection.

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