Thank you for requesting our Spring Catalog!


Thank you for requesting the Ever Thine Home Spring catalog. Check your mail boxes (or email boxes for our international customers) mid March.


We are thrilled to give you the first look at our brand new Easter Napkins. This set of 8 white napkins each printed with a story of Jesus’ journey to the cross in beautiful gold ink. These will be a lovely way to center your Easter lunch (or dinner) around the glory and mystery of his death and resurrection!

In addition to the Easter decor, I want to invite you to ponder the uncomfortable truths of Jesus’ death and burial. Allow yourself to feel just a hint of His agony, His suffering, His pain. Walk away from the cross with the disciples who were shocked at His death, whose hopes were dashed, whose fears were crippling; their despair and depression deep and debilitating.

Then you will be ready for Sunday’s dawn. Then your joy on Resurrection Day will begin to match theirs. Then the world will know that you have been with Jesus. That your life has been changed forever.

And plan a grand celebration because the heart of Christianity is not what we must do, but what He has done! For us!

Exclusive Offer:
Pre-Order Our Brand New Easter Table Collection that has everything you need which includes: Tetelestai Easter board8 Easter placemats {pictured above}, 8 Oh Taste and See Easter cards  {pictured above} and 3 DIY Easter candle templates. 

As always, we would love to invite you to check out our blog  for more encouragement and to browse our website for more items to fill your home with the truth of the gospel. It is our mission to create beautiful products that will serve as a constant reminder of what you believe to you and all who enter your home.

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