Star Garland DIY

Create picks for easy-to-use decorating embellishments on your tree, wreath and swags on stair rails or mantle. We hope that this little DIY will help you be able to use more of the Star Garland on your Christmas Tree and in your home. 

Supplies: Wire Cutters and Star Garland

Step 1: Get your wire cutters and start to unravel your star garland

Step 2: Identify the places on the garland where you want to cut. I usually cut
the picks with each one having 3 stars on it.

Step 3: Grab your wire cutters and start snipping away.

Step 4: Just keep cutting…


Step 5: Almost finished…

Step 6: Voila! You should have between 6-8 picks for your Tree Decorating pleasure!

So grab some sets of Star Garland here and get to it!

TIP: Put down some paper or a table cloth because some of the glitter will come off and that will make for easier clean up!


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