Before His accusers, all of them false, all of them dead wrong, Jesus did what none of us could or would do. He stood, silently eloquent.

His life did all the talking.

We, however, would have defended ourselves, thereby ruining the power of the moment. Proof, if any was needed, of our absolute depravity.

Jesus knew that payment for sin must be made.
The price was blood, human blood, undefiled pure blood.
The red liquid makes us queasy.
“What kind of God would require blood?” millions have asked.

The Alpha and the Omega who knows all.

He was willing to spill His blood.
Because He loved and still loves us.
And so He stood silent before His accusers.
He was on a mission not to be interrupted by petty questioners.

Jesus lived to feel, to understand, to sympathize,
He died to “explore the vast treasuries of pain.”
“Surely He has born our griefs and carried our sorrows” (Isaiah 53:4).

May you be speechless before Him today.

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