Snapshots for Lent

For years I’ve dabbled in photography, snapping candid shots of my children that attempt to capture my delight in their being, or my sons’ senior pictures —freeze frames of the beauty I glimpse in their expressions, their unabashed joie de vivre. Photography occasionally manages to capture the depth of a moment for me in ways that even video can’t. It somehow stills a frame of life and allows that moment to be illuminated with an intricate scrollwork of adoration; contemplation; the wonder of what’s passed before my eyes.


This year during Lent, I hope to take your family on a vivid photo tour, so to speak, of the Bible’s path to Christ that captures the lens of my mind. I have so much excitement for The Messiah Mystery! It’s a hands-on resource of six discussion-provoking explorations, leading your family into critical “clues” around the identity and necessity of Jesus. Starting in the Garden of Eden, through the Exodus, the Temple, and beyond, it’s designed to make the Bible come alive as younger children “paint” your doorposts like the Hebrews did, or teenagers engage around ancient prophecies. It includes a magnifying glass, clue journals for children to document their discoveries—and even a countdown paper chain to Easter with a secret clue on the last day. As each link is unwrapped and placed on the included poster, a striking image is gradually revealed. And The Messiah Mystery is low on prep, easy enough to use together after dinner once a week. (Oh, yes. I’ve done the six-kids-having-devotions thing.)

My prayer is that the lasting impression on your family will be that of the fullness and pinnacle of the Cross, the culmination of history that is Jesus. Creating this resource—constantly opening the shutter in my mind—has brought new color to my Bible readings. It’s fattened my celebration of the Resurrection and my gratitude for Jesus. This year, I hope to make it simple and fun for your family to grow in anticipation, and fullness, of Easter and all its meaning…snapshot by snapshot.

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