Silent Saturday


“Silent Saturday” says it all. 

The hopes of all Jesus’ disciples were completely dashed. To watch the brutality of any crucifixion was difficult. To watch the One you loved and worshipped crucified and murdered unjustly was traumatic. 

As they mourned at home, it was the Sabbath, so no work was being done. Those who were there at the crucifixion replayed the shock and horror of it all. The disciples probably berated themselves for not doing something … anything … to stop the injustice. They wondered how they would go on with life without Jesus. Death always makes those left behind feel insurmountable despair. 

And so we too on this day must sit with the emotions of lost hope. We too have felt what the disciples and His followers felt. Even though we know Sunday is coming, resist rushing past this day of loss.

Wait with the disciples in spirit. 

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