Rushed Prayers


This prayer by Susanna Wesley, mother of 18 children, reminds me that it is the King of the Universe to whom I bring my petitions.  Were I to see Him as He is, my self-centeredness would fall away.  My petty preoccupations would feel as insignificant as they truly are.  And I would fall on my face before Him.

Too often I rush in and out of prayer. I come with a cold heart interested in performance more than humility. I rashly and presumptuously rattle off my needs as I’m flying out the door for the day.  Of course, it is good to pray as I’m driving or washing dishes, and yes, there are days when my heart is heavy or preoccupied and I’m not all “there.” Still God sees me in grace and love.

But in our modern era might we have become too comfortable in our view of God? Have we remade Him into our buddy or our Mr. fix-it? Have we forgotten that He is holy?

Susanna asked for a right view of our Father in Heaven so she might be saved from what we are all so easily prone to do—bluster in before Him impetuously and arrogantly, thinking only of ourselves and not focused on His worthiness so that we worship before we ask.

Will you consider Susanna’s prayer for yourself?  May a heart alignment save us from ourselves as we come before the King of kings in prayer.

*Taken from The Prayers of Susanna Wesley by W.L. Doughty Copyright 1984 by Zondervan. Used by permission of Zondervan., 25

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