Paint brush and roller in hand is a task that brings me a lot of joy. There is something wonderful about the transformation that happens with a simple can of paint. This past weekend, I worked with the bare canvas of an empty, all-white room into which my daughter moved in to as she begins another chapter with a new roommate.


Creating is part of our God likeness. It sets us apart from the rest of His created world for only we humans can create. Yet we are also unlike God in this because we must use ingredients derived from what He made while He alone can speak ideas into existence.

Restoring is a different kind of God-likeness. And Laura and I did that this weekend too as we took an old chest of drawers, one Dennis and I hauled to her in our pickup truck, and transformed its worn exterior to new life with sanding and fresh paint. Somehow it feels good to me to take something old and tattered and reveal its former glory, its clean art deco lines, to the eye of the beholder.


I imagine God experiences profound satisfaction when my life is restored day by day to reveal His design and intentions. Are you allowing Him to take sandpaper and paint to do restoration work in you?

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