Photography Session #2

If you were following this blog last fall you might remember we posted about our first Ever Thine Home photo shoot in early October. We have been preparing for our second one so watch for stories to come about photo session #2 in the next two weeks.

Yesterday morning, May 13, you would have found, Jim and Carrie and me, in a tiny little forgotten town that is a few miles away from the farm my double great grandfather started in the 1850s. Also following our caravan was my my daughter, Ashley, and her five boys and her foster daughter. We needed some kids for certain shots so I recruited Ashley whose children were happy to be released from school for the day. They absolutely love going to the farm. Climbing on hay bales, riding four wheelers, fishing in the pond, and watching the cows is the best kind of kid fun.

For all our photographs to fit the seasons to come we hauled more gear than I imagined when we made our list, including a freshly cut Christmas tree. My car looked like I was moving permanently, not going for one day!
Stay tuned next week to enjoy the fun and you’ll also get to see the first images of our new Christmas ornaments, His Royal Names, and a second new collection, Adore Hymns. Last year we almost sold out completely on Cyber Monday, and though we have ordered more of His Christmas Names for those who did not get them in time, I’m expecting another sell out this year for there is nothing like these names of Christ on the market! Great for gifts. Great for teaching. Perfect for returning the focus of Christmas to the One whose birth we celebrate.

More to come!

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