When we don’t understand a concept (investment or legal language for instance), we usually dismiss it. If an idea or statement doesn’t fit into a category we comprehend we push it away as useless information.

So it is with much of what Jesus said.

“the things which I heard from Him (the Father), these I speak to the world.”
“I do nothing on my own initiative.”
“I always do the things that are pleasing to Him (John 8:26,28,29)

I shake my head at such statements. Literally. I simply cannot relate to that level of dependence on the Father. But I must. Every word is inspired.

“Nothing on my own initiative” led Jesus to

Reject any whispered temptation to escape His destiny
Submit to the evil plans of little priests with big ambitions
Allow rough soldiers to bind Him and abuse Him

Love like this is also beyond understanding.
But we dare not dismiss this truth because it is always and only

For me and for you.
It is our deliverance.

Marvel today in wonder and adoration.

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