Hello After a Long Absence!

The holidays have come and gone and our homes are feeling the emptiness and relief that all the lights and tinsel are put away, the piles of needles swept up and the pace and focus of the Christmas season behind us for another year.

We were on the road from December 20 until after the first and then gone again for our annual speakers retreat through mid-January.  The activity of my life has been such that writing blog posts disappeared entirely!  Another kind of season not dissimilar to Christmas in which decisions have to be made based on priorities.

The good news of Christmas is still alive because Jesus is always at work accomplishing His purposes.  In my life most recently I’ve had some sweet times being with my mom, helping her with some ordinary life tasks she’s had difficulty performing because of significant back pain.  Gratefully her back is finally improving but it has been a privilege to help her even though it’s been hard watching her suffer.

Her spirit has been amazing.  She almost never complained even though she had plenty of reasons to do so.  This past weekend Dennis went with me to be with her so we could take her to church, the first time since Thanksgiving.  It was a great joy for all of us.

Last week brought some good news for Ever Thine Home in the warm reception received from a potential partner.  We enjoyed a wonderful meeting talking about our vision and hope for ETH and dreaming of the future.  I was so encouraged after our meeting and am thankful for the visible reminder that God is always working and continues to guide.  Following His footsteps is quite an adventure.

As we ease from one holiday to another, we are thrilled to introduce a new product for Valentines called “How Do I Love Thee.”  Love is the theme for this annual holiday but it’s about a lot more than romantic love.  So with the focus on 1 Corinthians 13, we’ve created 14 heart shaped cards, each with a short story about love that we hope you will want to welcome into your home this year.

More details about “How Do I Love Thee” are available on our Ever Thine Home facebook page or go here to get yours today.

And stay tuned for more…it won’t be another month between posts!!

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