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One of the joys of spring is the arrival of strawberries. It seems to me that our Arkansas berries are the best of any in the country, but I know it’s really just getting them freshly picked when ripe that makes all the difference.

When my kids were all still at home I took them with me to pick. Most of them loved the experience of watching their buckets fill with ripe red goodness, even though strawberry picking is hard work with bending over to the ground to find the red jewels. We ate berries with every meal and sometimes strawberry shortcake was the meal, which never brought any complaints at my house.

Easy to make strawberry jam was a group activity for me and my kids not yet in school, and we needed a lot of jam for all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches consumed in our household of eight. Our favorite seasonal delight was strawberry pie, always photograph worthy and yummy, but I never made more than one a season because of the work it took.

So I want to say hooray for the start of locally grown produce season!

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