One of the joys of my life is being around all my young friends, women in their 20’s and 30’s.  My favorites are daughters and daughters-in-law who bring me great joy, but I also delight in others who work with me at Ever ThineHome and FamilyLife.  They have energy and enthusiasm and keep me relevant even though I can’t keep pace with their lightening fast social media outlets.  I’m still trying.

Recently I’ve invited two of them to contribute to this blog.  Janel is a kindred spirit who lives in far away Africa with her husband and four children.  Because one of our goals for EverThineHome is to speak to women around the globe, I wanted you to hear about Janel’s life in a third world country.  What interests me about her and their missionary journey is the unifying force of holiday and home no matter where one walks on this planet.  In far away Uganda, families still find shelter in homes, still gather friends for meals, still celebrate Christmas and Easter and freedom in Christ.

Elizabeth is a new friend, same age as my youngest daughter, also trying to find God’s unique purposes as a single woman when so many friends have walked the aisle.  Like Janel, Elizabeth shares a love of beauty with me, though her strong gifting is in music.  A self described “old soul” who is only 28, she loves classic hymns, poetry and the elegance of vintage writing.

Ever Thine Home is for women of all ages who desire to express their faith at home; in every place, in every season, in every abode.  Welcome Janel and Elizabeth!

PS.  Photos will come later because their hearts matter most.

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