Fresh Bread


For years, the dailyness of needs—my children’s, my husband’s, not to mention my own—left me in a state of chronic weariness.  Tasks like laundry, cooking, dishes, and vacuuming certainly felt more revolving than completed. In fact, even my schedule seemed circular from sunrise to sunrise, often with interruptions throughout the night. One of my friends summarized young motherhood well: “I was pretty much just exhausted for about ten years.”

But God never sleeps, because He never becomes weary.  Might the prayers of millions around the world sound like the steady drone of midsummer insect wings to the ears of our Father? Yet He listens to our endless cacophony of requests and never covers His ears, never becomes weary!

Yesterday I needed grace and clarity trying to understand a difficult relationship. Today I need stamina because I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  Tomorrow I will need something else that God is already prepared amply to supply. There is great beauty in such a simple prayer, “Give me this day my daily bread”—because He knows the entire scroll of my day before it unfurls. He knows the holes I feel (or ignore) before I ask. He knows better what I need than I when I do finally make my request.  Yet still, He says, “Ask me.”

Because His mercies are new with every dawn, ask your Father who loves you to give you your daily bread.  He bakes fresh loaves each morning, risen with the perfect blend of ingredients, specifically for your daily needs.  And His bread is warm, ready, fresh out of the oven anytime we need it.

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