Forget the Bunnies

Rabbits and eggs and candy and chicks have nothing to do with Easter.


We Christians have creatively found meaning in eggs; they represent new life. An empty shell, the empty tomb. With FamilyLife’s Resurrection Eggs children learn the Easter story. But Paul famously said when he became an adult he put away childish things.


Yet we adults keep bunnies and chicks as the centerpiece of our Easter celebrations because the cross and the death it represents makes us uncomfortable.

Jesus chose to die. He submitted to the Father’s will to lay down His life.
He could have stopped the walk to the cross at any moment.
But he didn’t because of Love.
Shouldn’t we grow up and focus on what He did?

For us?

Feel the anxiety of this week, these days leading to the cross.
Carry some sadness with you, remembering that your sin, my sin, caused His death.
Think about His loss today.
For the heart of Christianity is not what we must do, but what He has done.

For us.

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