Have you ever danced for joy before God?
Or shouted with glad hoorahs? Outloud?
Or jumped up and down with abandon?
All because your sins are forgiven and your destiny delivered from death?

Most of us have done all these actions at sporting events, at weddings or parties, but before God in worship?

Resurrection Day should be the greatest day of celebration in each calendar year.
What will you do to mark this day as exceptional?

On Saturday the despair was palpable.
The statements Jesus had made about rising from the dead had been dismissed.
He was gone.
The dream had died.


But sometime in the hours or minutes before dawn, Breath had returned to the body. Life and Light had re-entered the flesh wrapped in layers of fabric strips. Death could not keep Him.
Out of the mummy shaped shroud He rose!
Alive forevermore!

Worship the risen Christ!
Exalt before the Eternal One who purchased your redemption!
Leap and dance and sing for joy on this day above all others.

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

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