3 Lies You’ve Been Believing About God, Part 1


{The first in a 3-part series}

Is it possible you believe fairy tales about God?

When I was a child I loved reading fairy tales and make-believe stories.  Somehow the lessons from those stories affected my view of God.  Though I also grew up going to church, when I became a new Christian in my late teens I imagined God as a benevolent grandfather who waited to reward my desire to do things the right way.  Those assumptions didn’t always work for me.

What about you?

Here are three lies about God that are common today:

Lie #1: God never causes bad things to happen.  In fact, He knows my plight in this hard world, knows I mean well and, like a fairy godmother, wants to wave away my poor circumstances and show Himself miraculous.

This is one of the most difficult theological questions in Scripture, because it requires deep thinking and reading to understand why a sovereign God would allow evil.  So let me focus on just one slice of this issue that I think is easier to grasp. (more…)

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