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In case you missed any of these, here are 6 of Barbara's most recent blog posts.

13 Great Ideas for Practicing Gratitude During Thanksgiving and Year-Round

  The more I learn about, think about, and practice gratitude, the more I realize it is one of the best ways of demonstrating our faith in God. Thanksgiving week provides an opportunity to teach your children about the value of showing gratitude as a way of life—all year long. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us…

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Do You Know About All Saints’ Day?

I’ve long had mixed feelings about Halloween. Yes, it’s a fun family time—especially for kids—to dress up in costumes and celebrate the fall. But in our present culture it has also become a strange celebration of horror and death … to the point where sometimes you want to turn your kids’ eyes away from the…

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3 Steps to New Purpose When Your Kids Leave the Nest

Tears streamed down Sarah’s face as she began to describe how she was feeling, “Our last child, Emily, has just left for college and I find myself crying almost every day. For 30 years I’ve poured my life into my kids. Even though I started two of my own companies and was very successful, my…

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Six Tools to Rebuild Trust in Marriage

A Note from Barbara: When my son Samuel shared this six-part series with our team, there was some vying for which website would run it first, Ever Thine Home or The Raineys. As you can see, Ever Thine Home won our little team debate! I am so happy to share Samuel’s first marriage tool with…

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Using Your Home for Influence

Establishing your home as an embassy of the King of Kings is probably much less complicated than you think.  One of the easiest ways to use your home for influence is to invite people over for a meal. One of my favorite stories is about Rosaria Champagne, who at one time was an English professor…

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Did You Know Your Home Is an Embassy of the King?

Have you ever visited an American Embassy while traveling in a foreign country? You can’t miss it: Old Glory flaps proudly in the overseas air. As you walk through the doors, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and other national hero paintings welcome you “home.” It’s familiar, and it’s also safe. Once on your embassy’s soil, you…

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