"This year I felt convicted to make Easter season more than a Good Friday/Easter Sunday combo. I searched the internet and found not only this calendar, but your website. While there may have been a little glitch with the calendar, the ripples that will come for years because of this content fill me with joy. It is beyond stunning! I am so excited that I am the only one in my family that knows of the backside of the banner. I can't wait to see my family's amazement on Easter morning when it's been flipped over. Kind of an empty tomb effect is what I'm anticipating! So again, thank you." - Antoinette F.

Easter Advent Banner & Calendar

Brand NEW and updated Easter Advent Banner to help you and your family proclaim the risen Christ this Easter! Throughout the Lenten season the fresh, pennant declares, “Waiting on the Lamb” featuring a brand new countdown to Easter. Then, on Easter Sunday, flip your banner over for the bright, white linen and royal gold announcement, “He is Risen!”. Use this banner with the 40 day Easter Advent Calendar, (included with calendar purchase)  to teach your children to learn about and anticipate the greatest event in history – the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ! {Gold clip with embossed crown included}

*The calendar that accompanies the banner has a misprint on the first 4 days. We have attached a free downloadable below that can be cut out and pasted over the days with the errors. The following 36 days are all correct. We will be mailing all purchasers the new, corrected edition of the calendar next year. You can download here. Click here.

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