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In case you missed any of these, here are 6 of Barbara's most recent blog posts.

Lies You May Believe About God: “God Never Causes ‘Bad Things’ to Happen to Us”

Did you grow up hearing fairy tales read to you? Or did you play pretend games imagining you were a hero or heroine? Did you remember wondering if the invisible, mysterious God you heard about in church was just another myth—or was actually real? I loved fairy tales and make-believe stories as a child. There…

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Pentecost: The Forgotten Celebration

As you have probably noticed, holidays are important in my life and in the life of my family. I’ve invested a good amount of time to find creative and memorable ways to mark these annual faith-based days on the calendar because they have roots in the Bible’s story and therefore are important to our faith today….

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Happy Ascension Day! 4 Reasons This Critical Event Deserves a Celebration of its Own

This Thursday, May 18, 2023, marks 40 days since Resurrection Sunday. That historical moment is called Ascension Day, the day Jesus left the earth for heaven. But for most followers of Christ, Ascension Day is uncelebrated, unnoticed, even unknown. As one reader told us, “I was not even aware of a celebration of Ascension Day until…

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3 Steps to Getting Along With Your Mother-in-law

All six of our children had adjustments and challenges with their in-laws. Everyone does. We did too. My mother-in-law and I could not have been more different. It seemed we had nothing in common. Her favorite hobby was fishing. She loved watching golf on TV. Both activities were foreign and of zero interest to me….

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Avoid These Three Mistakes to Become a Wise Mother-in-law

Why is it that one of life’s most difficult relationships is often between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law? Or sometimes a son-in-law? Most of us have high hopes for these relationships before they become official. We imagine getting along, spending time together, and liking each other. And yet all too soon individual relationships suffer from…

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4 Questions to Help You Resolve Conflict

by Samuel Rainey Note from Barbara: I’m pleased beyond words to welcome my son, Samuel Rainey, to the Ever Thine Home blog. I could write thousands of words about this man whom God has gifted uniquely to help men and women traverse choppy or turbulent waters in their marriages and lives. As a marriage and…

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