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In case you missed any of these, here are 6 of Barbara's most recent blog posts.

Questions to Help You Share Your Story

  Everyone has a story … a fascinating tale involving adventure, laughter, courage, pain, and romance. You have such a story, and so does your spouse. Sometimes you just need the right questions to help you share your stories, as well as write together the intriguing saga of your shared life in marriage. For example,…

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This Valentine’s Day, Make Plans for Romance

Do you ever wonder how we can feel so fatigued today, despite all our modern conveniences that are supposed to save us time and make life more comfortable? How can we be so busy, so stressed, so fractured? For many, the pace of life presents the biggest deterrent to marital romance. When Dennis and I…

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A Marriage Marked by Unhappiness, Addiction, and Infidelity

Over our 50 years of ministry, Dennis and I have met many couples who’ve gone “all in” on God’s plan for marriage. Most of those couples have experienced the wonder of God’s transformative work in changing them and their marriages to what they always dreamed when they first married. Tim and Kathy went to one…

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The Messiah Mystery: A Quest to Follow Clues to One of the Greatest Mysteries Ever

Have you ever tried to solve a mystery? Or have you read a detective novel or two where you have no idea now it will end? Some of the most fascinating detective stories are full of twists and turns that leave you surprised and hungry for more. Did you know that God’s story in the…

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Observing Lent: A Season of Waiting and Worship

Is waiting something you enjoy and eagerly look forward to? Not me! When I think of waiting, I think of sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room. Or sitting in my car on the freeway, with traffic stopped dead and no exit nearby.  Or standing in line at the department of motor vehicles for what…

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‘Spoonful of Sugar’: Bite-sized Morsels of God’s Word

We know you are busy! And we also know how easy it is to neglect God’s Word when life is moving so fast. If you ever need a reminder of why God’s Word is so important for all of us, read Psalm 119. It’s full of wonderful descriptions like “Your word is a lamp to…

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