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In case you missed any of these, here are 6 of Barbara's most recent blog posts.

Lost and Found: Truth Shows the Way

Note from Barbara: This is the first in a series of posts taken from my book, Growing Together in Truth. These stories are designed to read individually or as a family. May you and your family always live according to God’s truth. And may your knowledge of the truth lead each of you to actions…

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Friends & Family June 2022

Every month, when I begin to write this letter to all of you, I’m amazed at how full the days of that month have been. Last month was filled with seminary class finals, graduations, and our grandson’s wedding, plus the travel for all these events. June began for us the morning after James’s wedding as…

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The Holy Spirit Is My Friend: He Is Always With Me

Today’s blog post is an excerpt from my new ebook, Who Is the Holy Spirit: How You Can Hear From Him. In this ebook I talk about the Spirit’s role as our Friend, Helper, Purifier, Teacher, and Guide. Be sure to download the entire ebook! For many summers, Dennis and I attended annual training events…

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When Bad News Increases Our Anxiety, Where Can We Find Stability?

The bad news feels relentless right now. Inflation is rising steadily, gas prices are ridiculous, and the ongoing supply chain problems keep popping up like the game “Whack-a-mole.” How unexpected and crazy that suddenly there was no baby formula on store shelves? Worst of all is, of course, gun violence. We are shocked at every…

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Motherhood Is a Ministry

Note from Barbara: Last month The Joyful Life magazine ran an interview with me and I was able to talk about a number of topics relevant to young wives and moms. The following is an excerpt from that interview; you can read the entire interview here. What is one thing younger mothers struggle with today…

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A Prayer for Your Children and Grandchildren … if You Dare

In my seminary class on the doctrines of our faith, our professor Dr. John Hannah told a story of how he prayed for his girls when they were growing up. “I used to pray for their safety and their protection,” he said. “Then one day I realized what God would have me pray is for…

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