DIY Valentine Cards for Kids


Crafting Valentine cards for our children’s classmates is always a joy. I loved seeing my children decide which card to give to whom and find delight in brightening their friend’s day.

But we added to the Valentine cards in our house when our kids were little.

Every Valentine’s season when the kids were young, not yet teens, we scattered red, white, and pink construction paper over the kitchen table. We added scissors, glue, glitter, and white paper doilies. I helped my kids make valentines for each other.

I didn’t want them just handing out silly-cartoon inspired valentines from the store that meant nothing. Oh I’m sure I bought plenty of boxes of those, but I tried to encourage them to add a little more than just a friendly touch, especially to give to us as parents and to their siblings.

I knew if I was intentional, we could make this standard holiday filled with sharing God’s love.  The ultimate goal for our kids is to help them be genuine and authentic when they participate in this cultural holiday.

Have you seen our Be His Valentine cards? It’s an adorable set of 15 vintage designed cards each with a Bible verse printed on the front. These cards make giving valentines extra special.

This year, make the classic card exchange meaningful and truth-filled. Help your kids make a statement of encouragement, hope, love, or affection.

Here’s a quick DIY idea to personalize an already cute, meaningful card. Scatter supplies on the kitchen table and craft these up to ready for your child’s classmates and friends.


This is super easy. Your kids can definitely take the lead on this. Our content editor, Tracy Lane, will be live on the Ever Thine Home Facebook page tomorrow at 2:30 making these with her 4-year-old and 2-year-old daughters. Tune in to follow along with the easy steps below.

Gather your supplies:


  • 1 set of Be His Valentine Cards (Remember 15 come in a pack, so you may need to get an extra set depending on your child’s class size.)
  • Festive twine or ribbon. We picked up this red and white Spritz brand twine in the Target party section.
  • Your choice of Valentine’s suckers. We chose Tootsie Pops because the pink wrapper is vibrant and everyone loves that yummy filling.
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  1. Punch a hole along the left-hand side of your card, about halfway up.img_9714
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long. This doesn’t have to be exact. We didn’t actually measure. Just cut an appropriate length that will secure the sucker to the card.
  3. Loop the twine through the hole and tie around the sucker. Tying a knot at first secures the sucker best. Then loop into a regular tie. img_9717
  4. Flip the card over to address the recipient on the back and you’re set!

You have a festive, yummy, and truthful treat to show love to those around you. Let us know how yours turn out!

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  1. Barbara – God has gifted you with love for Him, Love and Joy for your family and a GREAT love for His other children too.

    thanks for sharing the “Be His Valentine”


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