The beautiful catches our eye and calls us to pause and drink it in which is why I think so many of us want to know how to be beautiful.  We want to capture it and keep it forever.

Today while sitting at my computer I watched out the window as a summer thunderstorm was created across the lake near our house.  Just thirty minutes ago the sun was shining, but then the elements God set in place began mixing in the palette of the sky to create whitecaps on the water, wind blowing through the trees and a wall of gray rain marching our direction.

What is perpetually fascinating about summer storms or changing weather of any kind is the wonder of watching something beautiful being created before our eyes.  And, amazingly creativity is a gift we possess, too.

God uses the arts so many times in the Bible, from His first placement of Light or the rhythm of days, or sculpting fruits that looked pleasing to the eye—to the music, poetry, and rainbows of color in His own throne room in Revelation. Throughout Scripture, God the Artist is calling us to the Beautiful, saying come and look at my galleryHere is where you  find how to be beautiful and how to keep Beauty with you forever.


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