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It is incomprehensible to me to imagine life without sleep.  I have craved it and even made it an idol.  But I have also ignored it, staying up late to keep creating or reading, trying to rise above my daily need. Major fail. To have eight additional hours to accomplish all that I desire sounds wonderful, but I am too confined to this earthly house of a body.

But God.  He is so beyond our physical confines that the very walls of our minds keep us from comprehending. His nonexistent need for sleep alone is spectacular.  And we are the beneficiaries: At any time, in any place, for any reason we may confidently approach the throne of grace that we may receive help in our time of need.* When I rise from a harrowing nightmare, pull an all-nighter with a sick child, or toss with the insomnia of an anxious heart, His eyes—and His heart—are wide open.  Is there anyone else like Him?  No lover, no ruler, no mother can even compare to His unshakeable open door policy.

Boldly is the word God Himself uses to tell us how to approach His throne.  Not cautiously, fearfully, or only during certain hours.  Simply stunning is our access to our God.

Do you know Jesus?  If you have surrendered your life to His safe keeping, this is the kind of relationship He wants: free, unlimited access at any time day or night.  Run to Him boldly, in every hour—and give thanks that He is perpetually available to your every need.

*Hebrews 4:16

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