40 Reasons Your Home Matters

By Barbara Rainey | July 14, 2016 | 5 Comments

Each of you woke this morning in your version of home: a 2-story beachside condominium, a 1-level ranch on acreage, a fixer upper, an urban high rise, a studio apartment. Whatever it might look like to you there’s a place called home where you live. For 40 years FamilyLife has been offering help and hope […]

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What is there to talk about?

By Barbara Rainey | July 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

Summer is a time when we slow down and intentionally connect with our friends and families. Just last weekend my family had a large family reunion with aunts and uncles and great aunts and uncles and even great great aunts and uncles. Sometimes it’s a lot to even remember everyone’s names. So what is there […]

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Your Home Matters Because Presence Matters

By Barbara Rainey | July 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

Ten years ago a young wife and mom of two very small children made a crucial decision. Her husband had just begun his intense four-year residency program in a new city. So she unpacked all the boxes in their new home, wandered around town looking for the nearest grocery store, researched local pediatricians, and prayed […]

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Your Home Matters…Because Anniversaries Matter 5 Ideas for Celebrating Your Anniversary

By Barbara Rainey | June 6, 2016 | 2 Comments

Happy anniversary to those of you who had summer weddings! I hope you will mark the day of remembrance with a creative, meaningful gift and/or dinner to say, “You are still the most important person in my life!” Creative ideas to follow but first… Do you love mysteries like I do? Books with twists and […]

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Why Your Home Matters…even if it doesn’t look like what you want

By Barbara Rainey | May 12, 2016 | 7 Comments

Do you know there are children who live on the streets? Not kids whose mom or dad is temporarily homeless and they are too by default. Not the ones who live in your local shelters as tragic as that is. No, it’s children who have lived all their lives in gutters, in sewer pipes, or […]

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