Captivated by Eternal Love


I have often prayed, “Help my unbelief,” over the decades of my faith.  Far too often I have believed my unworthiness greater than His perfect love delighting in me.  Is that true of you too?

Like a photographer with his eye behind the lens of his camera, so we have the power to choose where we focus our vision.  Every day we are aware of our failures, our flaws, our frailties, but in those moments of self-awareness we can change the attention of our heart from self’s shortcomings to Christ’s grace.  Zoom in on the truth that we are fully loved because of the cross, and allow the lies of unworthiness to recede.

What God desires is for us to be so captivated by His love that we live like a newly-engaged couple, overjoyed with the delight of being chosen, who think about each other almost every waking moment.  Yet the Father’s love toward us is far better, for the attention of Eternal Love never ceases.

May we live today more like the name He has given us, His bride!

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