Beauty at Home

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.

— Charles Kingsley

I constantly find my head turning toward nearly anything creative, like recently when I discovered this cool new paint by Amy Howard.  Two old badly faded chairs in my living room have been in need of restoration, so I bought the paint and began a new craft.  It feels good to refresh and renew, both God-like creative works bringing forth beauty.

As I think about us as artists of our homes and bearers of God’s image, I’ve been mulling over the power of a home to articulate more of who God is. Each message is as different as we are! Our picture windows invite in creation. Our comfortable furniture says “Come right in!”, reflecting God’s enveloping embrace with an overstuffed chair. Our ordered kitchens, when things are clean and put away, convey His love for order and safety; our toy-strewn living rooms show His authentic love for children and every season of life—and perhaps his compassion on young mothers!

My daughter Laura’s startup apartment conveys her persistent classiness without overreaching for her season of life. My friend in Africa juggles a distinct simplicity to respect the circumstances of her African visitors, yet comfort her family will find rejuvenating and tranquil. Another friend lives in a tiny house bursting with beauty and style more enjoyable than any mansion because it is so her and just right.

I suppose my reflection lies in God’s pleasure with our artistic expression in any form to reveal who He is as we welcome our families and guests. EverThineHome wants to help you spread His beauty in your home.   Our goal is to help you believe beautifully.


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