Beauty Calls


Beauty draws us like a magnet.

It pulls our eyes to the glory of a flower or a beautiful face, the wonder of sunsets that are inescapably unique, or the reflection of the Creator Himself in the handiwork of any arresting artistic endeavor.

It’s remarkable that God could have chosen to craft us with no sense of smell, for example. How sad to never know the mouthwatering scent of a freshly baked apple pie, the refreshing goodness of a cleansing spring rain, or the cuddle-worthy fragrance of a newborn’s skin!

Consider the precision programmed into our skin. That by touch we can detect subtle changes in temperature, moisture, thickness, weight, texture, electricity, and more is nothing less than miraculous.

With the gift of hearing we can experience enrapturing awe at the sounds of a symphony by Beethoven, Mozart, or Handel. We absorb an infinite variety of rhythms irresistibly persuading a response from our bodies. We wander into a room or stand transfixed, captivated by a human voice.

These wonders—gifts from our Father Love—are numberless.  Daily, even each millisecond, we take all of these for granted.  Even limited sight or diminished hearing or overly sensitive skin gives us cause to fall on our faces before the Creator of such goodness.

One day, and I cannot wait for this moment, we who have believed in Jesus will be changed. Our sin-damaged senses will be restored and transformed to a level we will not recognize.

Join me today in giving thanks to the Lord God, for He is good (Psalm 136:1), as we remember the day to come when He will make all things new (Revelation 21:5)!



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