Be Still


If you’ve ever driven the freeways in southern California you know we are a nation that rarely slows down or sleeps.  We are a driven pressing community of people. The needs of our world are so often urgent that hurrying or intense focus is crucial to saving a life or rescuing someone from danger. God made us to respond this way.

But while we can instantly jump into action, adrenaline flowing and fueling our thoughts and decisions, God knows we were not created to live at this kind of pace for long. Too many of us become dependent on the rush of important moments and feel our worth evaporate when the critical is past. Or we assign a more important value to everyday to dos and become stressed when it isn’t necessary.

Such a short phrase, yet brimming with attention-getting power is this verse from Psalm 46. Just the first two words, Be still, are arresting; a command with gentleness from a Father who knows our weaknesses.

How often are you still? If you are like me not often enough unless you have been forced into stillness by a medical condition.  In this summer’s heat when we imagine being cooled by chilled waters, think about the calm and peace of a placid lake, a gently flowing river or stream and when you do I pray you will remember God’s words to us to, “Be still and know that I am God.” I pray I will remember too.

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