The Art of Parenting - Aiming Your Child's Heart Toward God


Parenting is an exciting adventure, full of twists and turns. But sometimes it feels like you don't know where you're headed, or you're just making it up as you go along. How can you get where you want to be without having a plan in place?

Co-written by Barbara and Dennis Rainey, this hardback book can help you and your spouse embrace God's purpose and plan for your family. Whether you are just entering parenthood or entering teen years it is never too late to make a plan.

The Raineys have spent decades teaching on foundations necessary for building godly families. In this book they share insights and expertise gleaned from those years of ministry, as well as stories and teaching from their own children about the challenges of parenting today.

Grab your copy today! Also, makes a great gift for anyone entering parenthood or even in the throes of teen years!

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