Help Your Audience Believe Beautifully

Ever Thine Home is looking for talented, like-minded bloggers to spread the news about our resources. Our affiliates help us reach new people with these beautiful, meaningful home accents. Will you join us?

What our best affiliates do:

  • Make it personal. Show how you are using these resources in your own home to help your family grow closer to God.
  • Take pictures! 
  • Share the value. People see advertisements for thousands of products every day. Therefore, for a resource to move someone to make a purchase, they have to understand what sets it apart. This means doing more than simply promoting a product; instead, explain the importance of building into your family and how a simple home accent can be a part of that.
  • Be strategic. Our best affiliates know their audience. They know how to reach their readers in the right way at the right time.
  • Be consistent. Sometimes people need reminders. Post ads to your sidebar to complement your posts.

How it works:

  • Share about the products in a blog post or graphic ad.
  • Use your unique link so that we can track sales from your site.
  • Earn 10% of the total sales that come through your link.

To sign up for the program, fill out the form below.

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