5 Ways to Wear your King of Kings Charm

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I created the King of Kings charm necklace a few years ago after thinking about how many of us women have a cross or multiple crosses that we wear on a necklace or bracelet or a key chain. I love the crosses I have and wearing a cross reminds us of Jesus’ suffering work for us for our salvation. But how many of you own a crown with one of His names that reminds you of Jesus’ divine kingship? His authority over your life and our world? Our charm necklace is designed to beautifully proclaim your loyalty to King Jesus! I have loved wearing mine and so many women have admired it.

Part of creativity is seeing multiple uses for a lot of different things and so as I have continued to wear my necklace, I’ve thought of new/different ways to wear it as well! I wanted to share these 5 fun ways with you and hope it sparks some creativity for you and your charm or brings to mind someone you know who might also love wearing one.

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1. A solid silver bracelet is pretty standard, right? Maybe some of you have an Alex & Ani bracelet with other charms? Or a pandora bracelet with your initial on it? My daughter Ashley gave this silver bracelet to Laura for her 30th birthday and she added her King of Kings charm to it! We are hoping “charm bracelets” are making a comeback like denim overalls!


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2. If a long necklace is more your style, personalize it with other favorite charms! My friend Belinda added a gold Arkansas State charm and a cute little golden bee. It’s fun to see what others will add to make the necklace “their own.” What other charms would you add to your necklace?

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3. Another simple and classy way to use the charm is to add it to a simple silver necklace. Add any other charms you might want or keep it simple with just one addition.



4. Add your charm to a pearl necklace to dress it up. The ring on the charm can be adjusted so you can add it to any necklace. We’ve paired it with a pretty set of pearls but it would also be lovely on any other beaded necklace you might have.


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5. We think the original necklace is classic and simple. Perfect for everyday wear without the extra flare. Perfect for a daughter, a niece or a granddaughter’s special birthday or occasion.

How have you styled your King of Kings charm? We would love to see it! Send us a picture or tag us on Facebook!




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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear your King of Kings Charm”

  1. I founded a nonprofit called Circle of Love that advocates for women who choose adoption for their baby and for couples wanting to adopt. This is the perfect gift for the birth mother! So many times they do not know or believe that they are daughters of the King of Kings. This is a perfect reminder for them. I will be buying many of these in the future for each of the birth moms that I’m working with. I’m getting ready to start a small group with them and I want to make sure they all have one of these!

  2. Dear Barbara and Friends,
    Reading today’s post makes me want to place an order for this beautiful charm. I love all the different options.
    But, today, I received the most wonderful package in the mail! I was delighted to open up the contents (thinking it was my husband’s VBS Olaf Adult costume) and instead unwrap the Messiah Mystery box, the “WE STILL DO”pillow & the ‘We Still do” plaque. I squealed like a little kids at Christmas. My kids didn’t know what to think of their mama.

    Just a very very special thank you. What a blessing you are to me and I know so many. If I can do anything to help spread the word about “Ever Thine Home” I will. My husband and I are already planning on hitting up our joint facebook account, I’m attempting to include the photo of our bedroom. Just love the way it sets the tone.
    Thank you so much,

    1. Barbara Rainey

      Kristy, We are so glad you got your little happy in the mail. It was a delight to gather those things for you. Your room looks lovely and the plaque is PERFECT there and the pillow looks great next to the Mr. & Mrs. pillow. Love it!! :) Thanks for sharing!

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